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Beading is a bit of an obsession. My beadwork blog is home to my thoughts on pieces I am working on, techniques I am learning, and my beading inspirations. I live in Bournemouth, Dorset and am mum to two gorgeous young children. I volunteer at both school and toddler group, and work part-time in online ad production. I try to fit in as much beading here and there as I can, for both relaxation, and to stretch and expand my creative side. I've learnt a variety of textile crafts over the years, but have always loved jewellery-making. I enjoy wirework, but beadweaving and bead embroidery have proved to be my favourite mediums, and it is these types of beadwork that I always seem to come back to. I love the colour and feel of beads, planning new projects, learning new techniques and of course, bead shopping! I read a wide variety of beading magazines and books, and apart from the occasional workshop, am primarily self-taught.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

New lists!

There are some absolutely amazing bead artists to be found in blogs, books and online at the moment, and I owe my interest and most of the techniques I've learnt to many of them. I've finally got round to my 'inspiration' lists, which are now on the right. Many of my projects involve sourcing materials that often have US brand names, or are only just becoming more readily available over here, so  I have also added a shopping list too.  These shops sell a huge amount of beading products, but I've mentioned where I've unusual materials that not everyone stocks, or repeat orders.

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